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Food and Lodging FAQs

Will I be able to get good vegetarian food in Tibet?

As a Buddhist country, Tibet specializes in vegetarian menus. There are many excellent vegetarian restaurants to choose from.

What types of food are available?

In the larger cities, you will find that most styles of cuisine, including Western cuisine, are available. Owing to the many visitors from China, even smaller towns will usually have Chinese food to offer along with Tibetan local cuisine.

Is food served at Everest Base Camp?

Tent guesthouses at Everest Base Camp prepare simple meals for their guests. However, there is no real restaurant here.

How will I know the best places to get meals?

Your tour guide is well-acquainted with all the local establishments and will direct you to the best ones. Your tour will stop at good restaurants along the way when you are traveling in Tibet. One thing is certain: you will not lack good food during your trip!

What are the hotels in Tibet like?

The tourist industry in Tibet is still relatively new, but there are good hotels in the major cities, although these may not equal luxury hotels in the West. However, in the more remote areas, there are only smaller guest houses, and the facilities may be somewhat rudimentary.

What’s the difference between hotels and guest houses in Tibet?

Although the guest houses are much cheaper, they do not cater for Western requirements and service levels. The hotels in places like Lhasa and Shigatse will offer better service, the kind of furnishings Westerners are accustomed to, and offer services like breakfasts. The more upmarket hotels will have internet access and phone connections.

Will I be able to get hot showers?

The better hotels try to ensure that there are hot water showers available to guests. This is one of the criteria we use when selecting places for you to stay. However, we cannot guarantee availability, especially in the more remote areas of Tibet. Some village guest houses do not have running water at all, and you will need to get heated water to wash.

What are Everest Base Camp tent guest houses like?

Everest Base Camp tent guest houses are made from yak wool and each one has room for two to five beds. In the middle, a stove heats the tent. It is fuelled with wood and dung. Small solar cells provide electricity, but you may have trouble trying to charge devices since supply is limited. The beds are covered and can be used as seating during the day, and there is a simple table outside the tent.

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