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Tibet Visas and Permits

What visas and permits will I need?

Apart from your passport, you also need a Chinese visa and your Tibet Travel Permit (TTP). The latter is arranged by your tour operator, so we will need to ask you for electronic copies of your passport and visa.

What documents must I provide to get my Tibet Travel Permit (TTP)?

Most travelers will only need to submit copies of their passports and visas. However, if your Chinese visa falls outside the “L” visa category, additional documentation will be required. These may include your work permit, residence permit, or your student certificate.

What process do I follow to get my TTP and how long does it take?

You cannot apply for a TTP independently. Your first step, therefore, is to contact a Tibet travel agency such as ours. You must have your TTP before you attempt to enter Tibet. Your permit contains detailed information on your itinerary and you cannot depart from this.

The Tibet Travel permit takes between 5 and 10 days from application to issuing, and those who hope to visit restricted areas like Mt. Kailash will have to wait an additional 5 to 7 days for a military-issued permit.

When would I need additional permits other than the TTP?

Military permits and PSB permits are not needed by most travelers. These permits are issued to those seeking to visit areas that are considered “sensitive.” Tourists who need such permits are those who wish to visit Mt Kailash and for certain overland tours.

Alien’s Travel Permits are more frequently required since you will need this permit to visit Everest Base Camp as well as certain areas in the southern and eastern parts of Tibet. However, this permit is easily obtained before you enter Tibet. Once again, we are here to help and advise you.

How will I get my permits before I try to enter Tibet?

You must have your original permit with you in order to board a plane to Tibet. We will send you your permit by express courier since it would take too long to send it by regular mail. We can also ask us to send a representative to deliver your TTP to you at the airport.

For train travel, you need not have your original TTP and you can simply print it out from an electronic copy which we email to you.

How do I arrange my documentation if I plan to enter from Kathmandu rather than China?

To enter Tibet via Nepal, you will need a Tibet Group Visa. This is obtainable from the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu only. You will receive two visas: an entry visa and an exit visa, and you must adhere to the dates printed on your visas.

Applying for a Chinese visa before you arrive will not make the process any easier, and this visa will be canceled and replaced by your Tibet Group Visa when it is issued. Once again, we are able to assist you with your Tibet Group Visa applications with the help of our representatives in Kathmandu.

Please note that there is an additional cost for your Tibet Group visa and this cost depends on the length of your stay and your country of origin.

How do I get A Chinese Visa?

If you are entering Tibet from China, you will need a Chinese visa. You can apply for this at the Chinese Consulate in your home country. However, it is best to omit any mention of your plans to visit Tibet when applying for your visa since this may have a negative effect on the likelihood of it being granted. Once you are confirming your trip with us. you can begin the Tibet Travel Permit application process through us.

Do I need a multiple entry Chinese visa?

No, Tibet is officially part of China, so you will only need a single-entry visa.

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