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About Us

  Our group is expert on Tibetan culture, history, and Dharma knowledge. Although Tibetan history, culture, and dharma are very rich and it requires a lot of time and energy to get a good grasp, we can guarantee you have a meaningful and enriching exploration in life.   Not a single

penny of your payment will be wasted but exchanged with an unforgettable experience of a culture that has taken its form in preserving the Buddha’s teachings of compassion and wisdom. There are around twenty excellent tour guides working for us. All of them have many years of experience in this profession, and their hospitality, profound knowledge, and kindness have won the hearts of thousands of people. As the breathtaking beauty of Tibet changes from region to region and season to season, we design tour packages accordingly to make your trips life-changing. 

With our expertise, experience, and genuine heart, we are confident to proclaim that we are your best choice for exploring mystical Tibet.

Meet The Team

Olivia Walker

Editor in Chief

Dan Mitchell

Assistant Manager

Noah Patterson

Programming Editor

Tess Anderson

Art Director


My name is Ngawang Tenzin, most people call me Tenzin for easier. I am the founder of Tibetan Tours and was born in a village near Lhasa. At a young age, I studied the Tibetan language, the history of Tibet, and Buddhist philosophy in Gaden Monastery for almost thirteen years. After completing my studies, I moved to Lhasa; the capital of Tibet, and started working as a native Tibetan tour guide for five years in the tour company. Since 2009, 1 started my own company "The Tibetan Tours", and hired native employees who are experts in their fields of handling documental work, in different weather conditions, particularly excellent in the service of organizing the tours. Therefore, our common goal is to organize a very happy and unforgettable Tibet trip for you.

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