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Hotels And Guest Rooms

Due to the rapid development of the tourism industry in Tibet, the number of hotels and guesthouses has increased. In major cities like Lhasa, Shigatse,Tsedang and Nyingchi, luxury hotels are equipped with air conditioner and other facilities with modern comforts to stay the overnight.All the rooms have individual air conditioner in most hotels,and clean hotels with some English-speaking staff available, but the heating effect is not perfect to make the room warm enough.Most hotels offer 24-hours hot water supply except in winter when hot water is only available at limited time in the morning and at night.

Majority of the Guesthouses and hostels in Tibet are not equipped with heating or cooling system. Shower with hot water is available as per the condition of the guest houses. Most hotels offer considerable discount during winter, the Travel Agency will highly recommend the Customers to choose comfortable or luxury hotels when travelling to Tibet in winter. In small towns and remote villages of Tibet, such as Kyirong,Zhangmu, Tingri, Saga and Darchin, the hotels or hostels offer hot water almost 24hrs. The rooms are not equipped with air conditions and hotels and guest houses may provide electric mattress in winter. Specially, about accommodations at Kailash kora , Everest base camp and Namtso Lake ,the facilities are very poor due to the high location. So, they provide only dorms with max 5 beds in each room without attached bathroom. It is good to bring your own sleeping bags and inner lining. Every guest houses will provide you extra blankets. Toilets in such places are sure to be always outside and it is wise to bring your flashlight..

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It is easy to find clean restaurants that serve continental, western, vegetarian, Indian, Nepalese, Tibetan and Chinese dishes in bigger cities like Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse, Nyintri, Tsedang, Kyirong ,and Zhangmu. Chinese Cuisine and noodle restaurants are always available, even in small towns during your trip. At Mt. Everest Base Camp, there is a small restaurant at the guesthouse and all the tent guesthouses have their own kitchen. The guesthouse restaurant serves simple dishes like noodles, fried rice, and for breakfast you can order pancakes, omelets, or a cup of instant coffee. The cost of food is different in each region of Tibet. In the cities, it will generally cost about RMB 50-90 or USD 10-15 per day for lunch and dinner. Outside of cities or in small towns along the road, it costs about RMB 30-60 or USD 5-10 per day. Our Tibetan tour guides will show you places to eat and will stop at restaurants where you can find good food outside of Lhasa.

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