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Tibet travler who donsn’t want to know about those?

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

How many major types of Tibetan traditional handicraft construction ?

According to Tibetan culture of the construction, it's generally divided into 3 categories such as Monasteries, Palaces and the common buildings or houses.

A ) Monasteries construction are base on the basic fundamental principle philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism.

The general Assembly hall is build at the centre with innermost temple location as the main relic statues or the main images of each and every monasteries.

The main gate is infront of the middle of hall,with praying rooms and the official staff living rooms on the second floor and etc. It's surrounded by the monks living quarters and colleges, the gate and other environmental surfaces for middle paths and footpaths. The gate roof top is full of different size and kinds of beautiful windows. The Assembly's balcony is erected with more than 2 giant pillars and surrounded with other smaller pillars too. The walls are depicted with paintings of the Compassionate Budddha's images and other legendary.

The four Guardian kings and Wheel of Life paintings are also depicted on entire wall of Assembly main entrance gate. The giant pillars are decorate with 13 layers carving of Dragon and Garuda, lotus flowers, flaming jewels and other magnificent decorations. The roof top walls are special red walls in color called Penpa walls in Tibetan, build with unique material of collective strong straws sticking together and decorate with Auspicious symbols. The roof top is decorated with gold gilded bronze made roof, at the corners it's decorate with Protectors relic banners and Pastrol, gold gilded Victory banners and fabric victory banners as well. The sign of DharmaWheel and Wild life of 2 deers are on the middle of front roof top, also the corners are decorate with Religious bells.

Temples are also build and decorate in similarly characterize as the monasteries.

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