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If you’re planning to visit to Tibet (Xizang) in future , it’s better to remember the last point.The first one is to choose the right time to travel Tibet (Xizang). Each year, the best time for Tibet visiting is from April to November. Among them, April, May, June, September, October and November are the most recommended seasons.July and August are the peak tourist seasons and also rainy season of Tibet. Although the weather is most comfortable, the prices are relatively higher

Four seasons in Tibet

01. Spring from January–May

Tibetan calendar [Feb- Apr international] is the time to witness thousand new lives and experience the most important and lasting Tibetan new year festival and first-quarter of Sagadawa, the fourth Tibetan month which is the most effective or productive occasion for religious practices. In this season mountains will take off their white cloak and lakes open their icy-eyes one after the other and the sky is clearer with warmer sun and longer days. The whirlwind transforms into a breeze and the temperature is around 20℃-8℃. It is also great timing for visiting Everest because it rarely gets covered by clouds. Thus, it is the best time to capture the scenic mountain. The cost in this season is relatively lower than in summer and fall but a little higher than in winter due to slack hotel and restaurant’s business.

03 .  Autumn from July–September

Tibetan calendar [Aug- Oct International] is still as good as summer season for tourism. Mountain, trees, and grassland will be changing their cloth into yellow. Yet the weather is perfect after the gloomy summer for visit to the Everest and other glaciers. In Lhasa thousand people gather in Norbulinka, the summer palace, for annual Tibetan Opera Show for a week because it is Shodon festival, the most popular and grand occasion of the summer in Tibet. The cool wind blows out in the valley and people are busy with harvest and animal breeding work. The temperature is around 16℃-4℃. Due to the mild temperature and various occasions it is still part of high season and cost will be the same as in summer.

02 .  Summer from April–June

Tibetan calendar [May-Jul international] is the best time of the year for tours. In this season mountains are in a green jacket with top white toby and lakes are a great mirror that reflects surrounding mountains and blue sky vividly. Yaks and sheep are with good coats playing in flocks and tourists are busy with their camera. Everywhere in the village people celebrate Wongkor, the harvest festival which involves horse racing, stone lifting, rope pulling, and other sports competitions. The weather is warm and with occasional rains, the temperature is around 27℃-12℃. It is typically a great time for trekking and the tour cost would be higher than winter and spring since it is peak season.​

04 .  Tech

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