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Tibet Family Tours

Taking a Tibet family tour with kids is not that difficult, despite of its high altitude and changeable weather. With full preparation, it is completely safe to travel to Tibet with your kids, and there are so many to explore and broaden their horizon. In fact, each year we receive dozens of international families, who happily book our family tours with their kids in Tibet. Travelling with us, you will expect to enjoy hospitable Tibetans, tasty Tibetan yogurt, adorable Tibetan yaks, stunning alpine scenery, and more unique family-friendly experiences, all definitely making your family love Tibet. Ahead of your trip, our travel consultants will give detailed guide as to how to prepare for your Tibet family tour. And local Tibetan guide and staff will give you extra care and timely support during your stay in Tibet. With over 10 years’ Tibet family tour running experience, we have not received a single compliant about family tour in Tibet. Just book our Tibet family tour for a lifetime journey in Tibet.

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